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Advantages and Building Process Pontoon Boats

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Legendary Craftmanship - 1 Legendary Craftmanship - 3

Legendary Craftmanship

Obsessive attention to detail

  • Every model is precision-assembled
  • Constructed to last decades
  • Built with 5052-H36, the best aluminum alloy
Stronger aluminum alloy - 1 Stronger aluminum alloy - 2

Built using a stronger aluminum alloy : 5052-H36

  • We insist on H36 throughout our pontoons because we won't compromise on durability
  • H36 is 25% harder than other aluminum alloys used by some competitors
    • Provides uniform strength and a truer pontoon shape
    • Offers a better ride, more durability and lasting value
Performance engineered - 1 Performance engineered - 2 Performance engineered - 3

  Performance engineered

  • Better load capacity and amazingly stable ride
  • Full-length pontoon keel
    • Strengthens the pontoon tubes
    • Enables pontoons to carve through waves
    • Enhances maneuverability
    • Easier maintenance-less wear and tear
  • Heavy-duty V-keel at bow
    • Cuts through the water better
    • Protects the nose piece
  • Hydrodynamic V-shaped motor pod
    • Reduces water resistance
    • Eliminates "banging" of pontoons on water
    • Positions outboards at optimal running height
Quality through and through - 1 Quality through and through - 2

Quality through and through

  • Premium hardware and components
  • Heavy-duty Z-bar cross members
    • Significantly increases structural integrity
    • Placed strategically throughout pontoon
  • Full-length deck risers on many models
  • ¾" pressure-treated decking
  • Up to 28-ounce marine-grade carpeting
  • Bow eye at front
Each chamber is pressure checked

First in safety

  • Air-tight chamber tubes
  • Each pontoon log has several sealed chambers
  • Each chamber is pressure checked
  • Bulkheads also provide extra structural integrity
  • Lift-and-lock hinges on gates
  • Finger-pinch guard for kids
  • Boarding ladders on all models
Ergonomic interiors - 1 Ergonomic interiors - 2

Ergonomic interiors

We build every pontoon boat for optimum comfort and performance

  • Everything is designed around your family and friends
  • Spacious floor plans and plenty of seating
  • Helm stations with everything within easy reach
  • Plenty of legroom
  • Complete, fully lit gauges and instrumentation
  • Ample underseat and floor storage
  • Walk-thru front gates
  • Clean sight lines
Ultra-comfortable seats - 1 Ultra-comfortable seats - 2

Ultra-comfortable seats

Our plush seating is built for all-day comfort

  • Thickly upholstered chairs, benches and lounges are among the most comfortable available
  • Wider seat bases and high seat-backs for greater support
  • Sundecks, reclining chairs and chaise lounges
  • Some models feature our plush folding pedestal seats
Unmatched fit and finish - 1 Unmatched fit and finish - 2

Unmatched fit and finish

No other pontoon manufacturer can match our craftsmanship

  • Compare the fit and finish of a Princecraft® with any other pontoon
  • As comfortable as your living room, with a better view
  • Inspect the joints, welds, seams and stitching
  • No exposed wiring or cables
  • Princecraft® has no gaps in the components
  • You can see quality and style in every detail
  • Coordinated colors and graphics

Pontoons that last as long as a Princecraft® demand a timeless look

Options crafted to our standards

Options crafted to our standards

  • The latest amenities and options
  • Many options are manufactured specifically for each model and use
    • Trailers are custom-built
    • Fasteners for optional canvas enclosures are factory installed on every pontoon for a precise fit
Custom-Engineered for Mercury Power - 1 Custom-Engineered for Mercury Power - 2

Custom-Engineered for Mercury Power

  • Provides optimum performance and reliability
  • A variety of outboard engines is available for each Princecraft® pontoon
  • All Mercury outboard engines are covered by a limited warranty
Better resale value - 1 Better resale value - 2

Better resale value

  • You can easily recognize the quality and durability built into every Princecraft® pontoon
  • So can any other prospective buyer so should you ever decide to sell your pontoon
  • Unlike many other brands, Princecraft® offers excellent resale value for years to come
Hassle-free boating experience

Hassle-free boating experience

Quality enhances every day on the water

  • We offer one of the best Protection Plan in the industry
  • It's your assurance our pontoon are built every bit as good as we say they are
  • Our Protection Plan covers everything from logs to canvas enclosures