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Advantages and Building Process Deck Boats

Discover our other advantages and processes:
Fishing Boats and Pontoon Boats

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Princecraft ® deck boats allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds

  • The performance of a speed boat
  • The comfort and spaciousness of a pontoon
  • Everyone can enjoy the fun
50 years of engineering

Over 65 years of engineering goes into our deck boats

  • The same innovative engineering and almost the same assembly as our fish boats
  • The same legendary Princecraft® quality is evidenced in every detail
  • The same quest for unparalleled performance
Aluminum boats perform better than fiberglass - 1 Aluminum boats perform better than fiberglass - 2

Aluminum boats perform better than fiberglass

Fiberglass is heavier than aluminum, so you get better performance from a smaller engine.

Aluminum boats offer a number of advantages:

  • Plane faster and stay on plane at slower speeds
  • Provide better fuel efficiency and easier trailering with a smaller vehicle
  • Offer unsurpassed handling and performance
  • Require less maintenance than fiberglass
  • Can be beached on a rocky shore without chipping or cracking the hull
  • Are more durable, which is why they manufacture airplanes and semi-trucks from aluminum
State-of-the-art Design and Engineering - 1 State-of-the-art Design and Engineering - 2 State-of-the-art Design and Engineering - 3

Princecraft ® State-of-the-art CAD Design and Engineering

  • Our designers create and test models in the computer
  • Develop hulls and features for performance and styling
  • CAD and solid works 3D software ensures every specification is precise
  • Exclusive three-step construction process combining:
    • Riveting
    • Welding and
    • Aircraft-grade adhesive
  • For unmatched combination of strength, durability and performance
Testing and Re-testing

Testing and Re-testing

  • Our history of innovation demonstrates our unyielding quest for better boats
  • Every hull is tank tested - from the largest to the smallest
  • Ensures water tightness
  • Prototypes are tested for performance and durability
  • Final adjustments are made to hulls and components
Built from the best aluminum - 1 Built from the best aluminum - 2

Built from the best aluminum

  • We insist on H36 throughout our boats because we won't compromise on durability
  • H36 is 25% harder than other aluminum alloys used by some competitors
    • Provides uniform strength and a truer hull shape
    • Provides a better ride, more durability and lasting value
Every Component Fits Better

Every Component Fits Better

High-tech CNC cutting equipment so cuts are extremely precise

  • Every component fits precisely, performs better and lasts longer
  • The biggest difference in assembly from model to model are the serial numbers
Structural Durability Structural Durability

Structural Durability

The best combination of structural components for each boat size and usage

  • We maximize the structural strength of hulls with aluminum transverse and longitudinal framings
    • H36 center keel from stern to mid ship
    • H36 aluminum brace-plate from mid-ship to bow
    • Aluminum extrusion at the junction of the hull and the sides

Princecraft® has more extruded aluminum parts than its competitors. These parts play an important role in obtaining a more refined finish and greater rigidity of the boat. Our gunnels, that are designed this way, give even more rigidity to our hulls.

Wider, Deeper V-hull - 1 Wider, Deeper V-hull - 2

Wider, Deeper V-hull

  • Our deck boats have a greater load capacity
  • A wider, deeper-V provides more stability while idling or underway
  • Our advanced hull design cuts through water better with less pounding
  • Our hulls can handle larger, faster engines
  • Reverse-chine hull designs for performance-enhancing lift, efficiency and agility
  • Our hulls, made of single piece of aluminum, are designed to easily absorb the shock of waves
Ergonomic interiors

Ergonomic interiors

  • We build every deck for optimum comfort and performance
  • Spacious floor plans and plenty of seating
  • Helm stations with everything within easy reach
  • Ample underseat and floor storage
  • Clean sight lines
Ultra-comfortable seats

Ultra-comfortable seats

Our plush seating is built for all-day comfort

  • Thickly upholstered chairs, benches and lounges are among the most comfortable available
  • High seat-backs for greater support
  • Many models provide a full-width sun lounge or chaise lounge
  • Some models feature our plush folding pedestal seats
Unmatched fit and finish - 1 Unmatched fit and finish - 2

Unmatched fit and finish

No other aluminum boat manufacturer can match our craftsmanship

  • Fit and finish comparable to fine automobiles
  • As comfortable as your living room, with a better view
  • Integrated, smooth-looking side panels
  • No exposed wiring or gaps in components
  • You can see the quality in every detail
  • Coordinated colors and graphics

Boats that last as long as a Princecraft® demand a timeless look

Custom-Engineered for Mercury Power - 1 Custom-Engineered for Mercury Power - 2

Custom-Engineered for Mercury Power

  • Provides optimum performance and reliability
  • A variety of outboard engines is available for each Princecraft® boat
  • All Mercury outboard engines are covered by a limited warranty
Options crafted to Princecraft standards - 1 Options crafted to Princecraft standards - 2

Options crafted to Princecraft® standards

  • Many options are manufactured specifically for each model and use
  • Trailers are custom-built to fit each model
  • Fasteners for optional canvas enclosures are factory installed on every boat for a precise fit
  • From captain's chairs with "bolster" to ski tow post, all the custom options you want are available
Better resale value

Better resale value

  • You can easily recognize the quality and durability built into every Princecraft® boat
  • So can any other prospective buyer should you ever decide to sell your boat
  • Unlike many other brands, Princecraft® offers excellent resale value for years to come
Hassle-free boating experience

Hassle-free boating experience

Quality through and through enhances every day on the water

  • We offer one of the best Protection Plan in the industry
  • It's your assurance our boats are built every bit as good as we say they are
  • Our Protection Plan covers everything from hulls to canvas enclosures