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Advantages and Building ProcessFishing Boats

See our advantages and processes for:
Deck Boats and Pontoon Boats

Best Performance in Aluminum boats - 1 Best Performance in Aluminum boats - 2

Aluminum boats perform better than fiberglass

Aluminum is lighter than fiberglass, so you get better performance from a smaller engine.

Main advantages of aluminum boats:

  • Plane faster and stay on plane at slower speeds
  • Better fuel efficiency and easier trailering with a smaller vehicle
  • Unbeatable handling and performance
  • Less maintenance than fiberglass
  • Can be beached on a rocky shore without chipping or cracking the hull
  • More durable which is why airplanes and semis are made from aluminum
Stronger Aluminum Alloy - 1 Stronger Aluminum Alloy - 2

Built WITH stronger aluminum alloy : 5052-H36

Why we insist on the toughest aluminum:

  • We won’t compromise on durability
  • 25% harder than the aluminum alloys used by some competitors
    • Uniform strength and a truer hull shape
    • Better ride, more durability and lasting value
Precision-tested Hulls - 1 Precision-tested Hulls - 2 Precision-tested Hulls - 3

Hulls that perform better

  • Princecraft® hulls are precision-tested for enhanced performance and safety
  • Our engineering has led to breakthroughs in hull design :
    • Wider bottoms for unmatched stability
    • Reverse chine hull design (most models) :
      • Provides lift so the boat gets on plane faster
      • Lift also provides less hull resistance in the water
    • Double-reverse chine hull design :
      • Adapts to the speed and load of the boat
      • Outer chine enhances performance at slower speeds or heavier loads
      • Inner chine enhances performance when the boat is running at higher speeds or with lighter loads
  • Performance-proven hulls offer better handling and control
  • Lightweight aluminum hulls that perform better are also more fuel efficient
  • Deeper-V hulls cut through the water better and offer a dry, comfortable ride
  • Hulls made of a single piece of aluminum are designed to easily absorb the shock of waves
Quality Boat Ergonomics

Princecraft ® State-of-the-art CAD Design and Engineering

  • Hulls and features that combine performance and styling
  • CAD and solid works 3D software ensure precise specifications across the board
Durable, High Quality Fishing Boats

Tested and Re-tested

  • Our history of innovation demonstrates our unyielding quest for better boats
  • Every hull is tank tested – from the largest to the smallest
  • Ensures water tightness
  • Prototypes tested for performance and durability
  • Final adjustments made to hulls and components
Optimum Boat Design

Better-fitting Components

High-tech CNC equipment for laser-precise cuts

  • Every component fits precisely, performs better and lasts longer
  • Biggest difference in assembly from model to model are the serial numbers
The best combination of structural components - 1 The best combination of structural components - 2

Structural Durability

The best combination of structural components for each boat size and usage

  • We maximize the structural strength of hulls with aluminum transverse and longitudinal framings
  • We further reinforce hulls with :
    • H36 center keel from stern to mid ship
    • H36 brace-plate from mid-ship to bow

Princecraft® uses more extruded aluminum parts than competitors. These parts are key for giving the boat a more refined and rigid finish. Our extruded aluminum gunnels  give even more rigidity to our hulls.

Best in Aluminum Boats - 1

Reinforcing at the Stress Points

  • Boats absorb most pounding at the bow
  • Princecraft® twin-plates many hulls from bow to mid-ship
  • We also go the extra step of double-plating at the chine where the hull is fastened to the hull sides
  • Transfers the stress from the bottom to the side panels
  • Prevents cracking of the side panels or bottom
Best Boating Experience

Proven fastening methods

  • Rivets are the most dependable fastening method
    ever invented
  • High-stress vehicles like airplanes are constructed with
    riveted seams
  • Princecraft® boats, like airplanes, are engineered with riveted seams for decades of reliability
  • Riveting does not change the mechanical property of aluminum by heat, which can occur with welding
  • Princecraft® double rivets where the hull bottom is joined to the sides and stern
  • All 18' boats and bigger are completely riveted with 1/4" solid-aluminum rivets—not just at wear points
Best Boats for Fishing

Wider, more-stable bottoms

  • Princecraft® has some of the widest bottoms in the industry for increased stability and fishability
  • Up to an 18-degree deadrise depending on size of the hull greatly improves comfort, especially in big, rough water
  • Princecraft® hulls offer unmatched handling and performance at a wider spectrum of speeds and loads
Best Boat Ergonomics - 1 Best Boat Ergonomics - 2

Ergonomic interiors

  • Princecraft® boats are designed by fishermen for fishermen
  • Floor plan built around how people fish
  • Helm stations with everything within easy reach
  • More room for rods, gear and buddies
  • Spacious casting platforms
  • Clean sight lines
Best Boats for Comfort

Ultra-comfortable seats

Comfort can make or break a fishing day

  • Optional extra-padded upholstered reclining captain’s chair 
  • Folding pedestal fishing seat with hidden hinges and Roto-Cast frame
  • Optional bicycle seat to relieve strain from standing and casting
Best livewells for Boats

An Unmatched Livewell System

Our exclusive ProFlo™ Plus livewell system is perhaps the smartest and most durable livewell system ever invented. It’s designed to be virtually maintenance-free, with timed aeration and recirculation so that you can stay fully focused on your next big catch.

Plus, our two-pump system ensures your bait fish stay fresh and your catch remains healthy while running docked and trailering.

  • Safety and security of a two-pump system
  • Electric fill aeration and through freeboard overflow function controlled by one pump
  • Continuous recirculation whether running, docked or trailering controlled by a second pump
  • Easily manage timed aeration, lighting, filling, drainage and recirculation all from the driver's seat with the console control
  • Timed aeration from the bottom helps circulate oxygen evenly throughout the livewells
  • Flow-Rite valve system controls drainage
  • Rounded corners and recessed drains with debris screens
  • Some of our livewells have insulated lids & an anti-spill cover
  • Some models offer an integrated baitwell in the livewell with minnow bucket
  • Some models also include a waterproof light
  • Game fish stay healthier, bait fish live longer, you fish more efficiently
Equipment for Fishing Boats - 1 Equipment for Fishing Boats - 2

More fishing extras

  • Toe kicks and lots of handles for more convenience
  • High freeboards and larger motorwells for increased safety in rough water
  • Waterproof electrical marine connectors
  • Additional space on the dash for your own electronics
  • Rigging tube under the floor to wire your own electronics
  • Quick-release windscreens
  • Large rod-storage compartments
  • Several seat bases to choose from
  • Factory-installed trolling motor control panels
Performance Boats Performance Boats

Custom-Engineered for Mercury Power

Optimum performance and reliability

  • Variety of outboard engines available for each Princecraft® boat
  • All Mercury outboard engines are covered by a limited warranty
Best Quality Boats - 1 Best Quality Boats - 2

The Best Fit and Finish in the Industry

No other aluminum boat manufacturer can match our craftsmanship

  • Flawless hull sides and seams
  • No exposed wiring or gaps in components
  • Visible quality in every detail
  • Distinctive Euro-styling on most models
  • Coordinating colors and graphics

Boats that last as long as a Princecraft® demand a timeless look

Aluminum Boats Manufacturer - 1 Aluminum Boats Manufacturer - 2

Options crafted to Princecraft® standards

  • Many options are manufactured specifically for each model and use
  • Trailers custom-built to fit each model
  • Fasteners for optional canvas enclosures factory installed on every boat for a precise fit
  • All the custom options you want from downrigger-mounting supports to reclining captain’s chairs
Best Aluminum Fishing Boats Best Aluminum Fishing Boats

Better resale value

  • The quality and durability built into every Princecraft® boat are easy to see
  • Other buyers will see them too, if you ever decide to sell your boat
  • Unlike many other brands, Princecraft® boats retain a high resale value for years
Best Boating Experience

Hassle-free boating experience

Quality through and through makes every day on the water a great day

  • One of the best Protection Plans in the industry
  • It’s your assurance our boats are built every bit as good as we say they are
  • Our Protection Plan covers everything from hulls to canvas enclosures