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Why become a Princecraft ® Dealer?


  • We have an up-to-date full range of fishing boats, pontoons, and deck boats, easy to customize with a wide selection of options available.
  • Our commitment to quality is evident in every step of our construction process, and in every component that goes into the assembly of our boats.
  • We use 5052-H36 aluminum alloy in the construction of all our boats. This alloy has many advantages:
    • Since aluminum is lighter than fiberglass, a less powerful engine will provide superior performance, better fuel efficiency.
    • Since H36 aluminum is more rigid than the other aluminum alloys used by our competitors, our boats are more durable.
    • Our boats have one of the best resale values in the industry.
  • We have a Parts & Service department built to support your dealership and your customers. Additionally, we have a stand-alone dealer Web interface with many technical and promotional resources.
  • We have an efficient lead management system that allows you to get in touch directly with those who browse the Princecraft® Website.
  • All our employees are there for you, in addition to ensuring a direct presence for customers through our customer service.

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At Princecraft®, our mission is to create unparalleled experiences on the water for fishing and boating enthusiasts with "professionally rigged and ready" packages of aluminum fishing boats, pontoon boats and deck boats. Our commitment is based on a deeply rooted heritage of unmatched craftsmanship, incomparable performance and the promise of years of trouble-free boating.

Our products set ourselves apart from our competitors and remain our #1 priority. We approach everything we do with a courageous and adventurous spirit, not only in manufacturing but also in the way we manage the entire business. This courageousness will help us increase our agility: in product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, service, logistics and in the way we interact with our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Princecraft will not deviate from its reputation of quality and will not compromise 6 decades of excellence. Our boats must allow our dealers and consumers to live memorable moments on the water and make them all feel that no other brand than Princecraft® can make them DOMINATE THE WATERS.

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