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8 points to check before you buy

Thinking of buying a fishing boat?

Whether it’s your first small craft or a replacement for the one you already have, be sure to check the following points before you pull out your wallet.

You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind!

  1. What is the boat you’re looking at made of?

    Ideally, you should opt for aluminum H36, the strongest and most durable alloy available on the market. In addition to maximizing the lifetime of your boat, you’ll avoid getting into trouble in the middle of an outing!
  2. How is the hull assembled?

    Independent tests have shown that riveted hulls are the most reliable. For improved durability, be sure that the rivets are doubled up where the bottom meets the sides and the transom.
  3. Examine the finish.

    To protect the value of your investment, the hull and side panels must be perfectly straight and smooth and the wiring should not be visible.
  4. If you’re interested in a longer model (17.5 ft. or more), look for a double-reverse chine hull.

    This innovative design increases lift, reduces resistance, and prevents transversal instability. It will help ensure you’re not disappointed with your boat’s performance and make your outings more pleasant and safe for all occupants.
  5. In terms of safety, pay particular attention to the design.

    Ensure the boat has a deep V-shaped hull and sides that are high (so you can stay dry!). To keep young passengers safe, look for booster seats with a lower position. Folding seats should always be equipped with no-pinch hinges. These precautions will help prevent unfortunate accidents!
  6. Consider the boat’s fuel consumption.

    A good thing to look for is a wide bottom, which ensures a fast start and more speed while requiring less power.
  7. Which options are available to make your fishing boat more versatile?

    Remember that your needs and those of your family may change over time. A swim platform, ski tow bar, or sleeper seats are just some of the options that can transform your boat and keep you satisfied for many years.
  8. Finally, read the warranty carefully.

    To protect your investment, make sure it covers EVERYTHING, from hull to canvas!