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Built in Canada

Your Princecraft®: Built in Canada by Canadians!

Did you know that Princecraft® boats are built entirely in Canada, from start to finish?

Every day, over 200 Princecraft® employees put their talents to work at our plant, in Princeville (Québec), to design, build, and deliver some of the best built boats in the industry.

Unlike most other manufacturers, we purchase most of our components from local suppliers, either very close to the plant or in nearby Quebec province.

Because our suppliers are local, it gives us many benefits. Among the major benefits are the following: our suppliers meet with our R&D team to develop components from the ground up. The result of which is essentially a custom-made boat.

Secondly, with our suppliers being local, in the rare event there is an issue we can go literally across the street, solve the problem and resume production.

As you can see, by purchasing a Princecraft® boat, you are no just supporting a Canadian company, you are helping to support an entire Canadian community!

Let’s go: buy Canadian!